A Tai Chi Summer Plan for Gumroad Users

Summer we normally want to take time off. But why not enjoy learning something new and relaxing at the same time with a Tai Chi novel, a Tai Chi audiobook or even a mini course to take with you wherever you go. 

And theres something for everyone...so I've halved the price (or more) on each of these products for Gumroad users  - and starting at  £0.00 


  • Tai Chi AudioSeries NOW £0.00 
  • A Tai Chi Photobook now £1.50
  • A Tai Chi history/comedy was £5 - now  £2.50
  • The Classic 50 Questions & Answers Audiobook - was £9 now  £4.50
  • 18 Taoist Music tracks - -was £10 - now  £5.00
  • Short Summer Courses were £40 - now £19

Take a look below, check out the Summer 2020 page for details - of all these items. 


Have a great summer, even if you don't travel far (and who can blame you?). If you can, relax, breathe deeply and take it all one step at a time. 

Paul  - the teapotmonk. 

Tai Chi Summer Sale Details here